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  • You don’t have a predictable way of bringing in new leads and clients, meaning you rely on luck to grow your business

  • You've got an incredible business, with results, case studies and testimonials to prove it... yet you aren't getting enough people "through the door"

  • You feel like you have no time, yet your bank balance isn’t where you want it to be… you’re “running around” to make ends meet.

  • You're not following a specific strategy, and so you have no real focus in your marketing

  • You know you need a funnel, yet you don’t have the time/energy to trawl through countless “guru” videos that teach you nothing of value

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Let's Get Started!

    • Welcome

    • We are all the same

    • Auditing Your Current Assets

    • Determine the perfect customer

  • 2

    Personal Before Business Growth

    • Old Vs New Business

    • Fixed vs Growth Mindset

    • Funnel Mindset

    • Dealing with Overwhelm

    • Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

    • Invisible ROI

    • The myth of "no time"

    • Workshop: Top 10 Productivity Tips

  • 3

    Content Marketing: Audience Building

    • The Importance of Building an Audience

    • How to build your Audience

    • Choosing Your Content Format

    • Creating Your 12 Month Content Strategy

    • 7 Principles of Great Content

    • Distributing Your Content Effectively

    • Planning & Creating Your Content

    • Creating Content Plan: Step By Step Workshop

  • 4

    Choose Your Funnel

    • What is a Funnel

    • Funnel Options

    • Case Study Funnel

    • Free Guide Funnel

    • Free Consultation / Funnel Offer

    • Webinar Funnel

    • Quiz Funnel

    • Choose Your Funnel

    • Your Funnel Becomes Your Business

  • 5

    Creating an Incredible Lead Magnet

    • What is a Lead Magnet?

    • Come Up With a Lead Magnet Idea

    • How to Create Your Lead Manget

    • What Your Funnel Should Look Like

    • Creating a High-Converting Landing Page

    • Building Your Funnel

  • 6

    Laying Essential Groundwork

    • Laying your Funnel Groundwork

    • Installing Your Facebook Pixel

    • Setting Up Your Conversion Tracking

    • Setting Up Google Analytics

    • Creating Your Custom Audiences

    • Setting Up Your Facebook Saved Audiences

    • Ensuring We Have Everything Set Up Properly

  • 7

    Promoting Funnel

    • Promoting Your Funnel

    • The First 100

    • Intro into Facebook Ads

    • Building Your First Ad Campaign

    • Creating and Using Lookalike Audiences

    • Building Your Cold Audience Campaign

    • Get into this mindset

    • Where You Should Be Now

  • 8

    Convert Leads Into Customers

    • Add Your Offer Everywhere

    • Use Facebook Re-targeting Ads

    • Creating an Email Sequence

    • Adding a Video to Your Thank You Page

    • Using Google Analytics to Track Behaviour

    • Get Feedback From Audience

  • 9

    Elongate Funnel

    • Elongating Your Funnel

    • What Does This Look Like?

    • Setting This Up In Facebook

    • Three High Performance Examples in Facebook

  • 10

    Generate Huge Profit From Funnel

    • What's Next?

    • Making Another Offer

    • Creating a 7-Day Email Sequence

    • Cheap Leads Don't = Good Leads